Let It Snow

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Let It Snow

Celebrate the winter holidays with this light blue snowflake monogram design!

Please include your child's name in the comment box for the monogram. 

Physical design is approximately 5-8 inches wide and ready to apply to a clean, blank shirt, onesie, or dress.


This item does not contain a t-shirt. This ready to apply vinyl design will be shipped to you for you to apply on a blank t-shirt for a one time use. Easy to follow instructions will be included with your order. 

After applying and wearing the design, simply peel it off before throwing the shirt in the washing machine! 


  • Can I use this design more than once? No. It's a 1 time use and will not be able to be re-applied after removing from the shirt. 
  • How do I wash it? Peel off the design BEFORE putting your shirt in the wash. 
  • How long will it last? Designs should last for a day of wear. Liquids and water may cause the design to lift some. 
  • What happens if it gets wet? If the shirt gets wet, the design will likely start to come off as it no longer has a surface to stick to.  

*Bundle 3 DESIGNS together at check out, and use code "BYOB3" to get $2 off.

*Bundle 4 DESIGNS together at check out, and use code "BYOB4" to get $3 off. 

*Name & monogram labels are not included in bundle discount. 

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