EasyTeesy is a mom run business made after wanting fun and festive shirt ideas for my boys without having to spend all that money for a shirt they'll only wear once! 

Meet the mom behind EasyTeesy

So, hello! I'm Cathy, wife to Cody and mama to our two boys. We just relocated from Texas to Georgia, and after 2 years of constant change and moving, I'm excited to let my creative juices flow once again. 

I absolutely love celebrating special memories like holidays and birthdays and those random national Cow Appreciation Day. I mean, who doesn't love free Chick Fil A? 

I know that when I'm looking for clothes for either myself or my kids, I'm looking for 3 things: function, source, and versatility. EasyTeesy meets all 3. First, our designs have a function and the shirts we sell are durable and long lasting. Second, the shirts and vinyl are sourced from companies who care about their employees and provide ethical work environments. And finally, they are versatile as the one, single shirt can go from a school Christmas party to a 4th of July parade. 

I'm excited to partner with you, help you save a little money, and still celebrate those fun and festive memories with your kids!

Are you looking for something you can't find? Shoot me an email, I'd love to try and help out!